How Expensemate works

Hassle-free expenses in 3 easy steps

Create cards
Set spending rules and distribute Expensemate Prepaid Mastercards® to your team.
Capture receipts
Upload receipts immediately after purchase in the app.
Automate bookkeeping
Export VAT optimised transactions directly into your accounting software.

How it works for admins

Hassle-free expenses for your finance team.
Create cards.

Create cards with custom spending limits, restrictions, and rules for your team, then assign them to departments within your organisation.

Check transactions.

Use the dashboard to see who spent what and where, and assign the relevant tax and nominal codes.

Export transactions.

Export your transactions into the required format for your specific accounting package.

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How it works for cardholders

Empowering your team to spend on the job.
Make payments.

Using contactless or Chip&PIN, at any vendor that accepts Mastercard®, your team are empowered to make only the payments they need, nothing else.

Capture receipts.

Immediately after purchase, your cardholders receive a push notification in their mobile app prompting them to upload a receipt.

Add the detail.

Your cardholders are required to categorise their expenses, allocate them to the relevant department or project, and add any additional notes to provide context.

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How it works for managers

Putting control firmly in your manager's hands.
Review the transaction.

Your managers can use the app or portal to access their team’s spending where they can see all the required information including the receipt.

Request more info.

If expenses lack detail or look inappropriate, your management team can query transactions with in-app conversations with cardholders.

Approve or decline.

After all the checks are complete, your managers can either approve expenses as genuine or decline them as a personal.

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Connect with your bank and accounting tools
Accounting Integration
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We know moving away from traditional processes is a big decision so we've compiled the common questions we get asked from potential customers.

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