Understanding transaction status

Learn about the different statuses used in the Expensemate app so you know the progress of your expenses.
By Conner Toy
Sales Manager

The Expensemate app uses icons and colour codes to indicate the status of a transaction. Statuses highlight whether there is action required from you, your manager, or if the transaction has been rejected.

We explore the various statuses in the platform, what they mean, and what they look like.

'To Do' - Requires Further Information

Immediately after purchase, your transaction will appear in the To Do section of the app.


Notice to the right of the transaction description an amber exclamation icon, this indicates that information is missing such as receipt or categorisation, and is your cue to take action.

'Pending Review' - Requires Management Approval

Once you have submitted the required information, the expense will remove itself from the home screen; you can track progress after this point from the Transactions screen.


Notice the icon has now changed to an hourglass with a peach background; this indicates that the transaction is with your manager awaiting review (approval/rejection).

'Complete' - Review finalised

Your manager will either approve or reject your purchase. Once complete, the icon will change to a green eye.

If your expense is rejected, you will receive a push notification on your smartphone advising you of such. Additionally, the icon to the left of the transaction description will change to a silhouette indicating that the transaction has been classified as a personal expense.

Every organisation handles rejected expenses differently, so speak to your manager or refer to your expense policy for further information about this.

There is no further action required if your expense is approved.

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