Understanding card limits and restrictions

Get to grips with the spend profiles we use on Expensemate cards.
By Luke McMullen
Marketing Manager

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about card coverage, restrictions, and limits so you can start using your Expensemate card with confidence.

Mastercard® acceptance

Our cards utilise the Mastercard payment network, which accounts for approximately 30 million vendors worldwide.

You can use your card at any merchant that accepts Mastercard, so long as your spend profile permits it.

We support in-store payments, contactless transactions, Chip & PIN, and online purchases.

Spend profiles

Spend profiles are what determine the individual spending rules on your card. When your account was set up, you were assigned a profile.

The profile is made up of two parts: purchase category restrictions and spending limits. To understand your spend profile restrictions, please contact your administrator.

Merchant category restrictions

All vendors on the Mastercard network belong to a merchant category. In other words, similar retailers are bundled together.

Your manager is able to control where you can use you card by blocking or enabling specific merchant categories on your profile.

If, for example, your manager removes Fuel from your profile, your card will not work at fuel stations, and vice versa.

Retailers are bundled into the following categories: -Travel -Fuel -Other Vehicle Expenses -Meals & Entertainment -Materials & Tools -Services -Other

Spending limits

Spending limits are daily, weekly, or monthly usage restrictions.

For example, if your profile has a £50 daily limit, you can only spend up to £50 per day, try to spend any more than this and the transaction will decline.

Other restrictions

ATM withdrawals and purchases from gambling or adult vendors are blocked on all Expensemate cards, regardless of profile settings.

If you have any questions about the specific restrictions or limits on your card, speak with your account administrator or line manager.

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