How to review transactions in the portal

A step-by-step guide to reviewing expenses in the portal.
By Luke McMullen
Marketing Manager

Using the portal to manage your group’s spending enables a more holistic view of transactions when compared to the app.

In this article, we guide you through the steps you need to take to manage your group's expenses from the portal.

Learn about reviewing expenses in the app.

Getting started

To start managing your group's spending, navigate to the portal and press Transactions, followed by Review from the side menu.

Jump to the Review screen.

By default, the expenses are filtered by those pending review, but you can filter your results by any view you wish.

To change the filter, simply use the filter button in the top right of the screen.

Viewing the receipt

From the left-hand side of the expense, you will see the receipt icon. Click it to reveal a photograph of the receipt.

Make sure the receipt matches up to the corresponding transaction details and that there are no items on there that go against your business's expense policies.

If there is no photograph attached, you need to communicate with your colleague to find out why, as cardholders should only be uploading transactions with a receipt.

Viewing the comments

The conversations feature is where user comments live against transactions.

Click the speech bubble next to the expense to launch the dialogue window.

Always check here before processing any transaction. If there is no receipt attached, there might be a note in here explaining why.

Transactions without comments are indicated with a line through the speech bubble.

Reviewing a transaction

Reviewing a transaction in the portal is easy. You can review single expenses one at a time, or in bulk.

To perform either action, simply select the expense/s in question (you can tell it's selected by the highlighted background colour) and hit ‘approve’ or ‘decline’.

Approving a transaction will send it on to the account administrator who will process it for accounting purposes, whereas rejecting an expense will categorise the purchase as personal.

Click here to learn more about rejected expenses.

Querying expenses

You can use the conversations feature to send messages back to the cardholder.

This feature comes in handy when receipts and/or comments are missing.

If you need to send it back to the cardholder, make sure to select ‘Add comments and change transactions status to to-do’ before hitting send.

In doing this, the expense will go back to the cardholder’s app where they can see your comments and take action.

Adding comments for the administrator

You can also use the conversations feature to leave additional notes for the person administrating your account.

Use the text field to leave your notes, but make sure ‘Add comments but don’t change transaction status’ is selected.

The expense will stay in your view until you approve or decline it.

Click here for more information about the authorisation mechanism.

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