How to integrate Expensemate with Xero

Learn how to prepare and import your transaction data into Xero. 
By Conner Toy
Sales Manager

Uploading transaction data into your accounting package enables you to leverage some of the key benefits of using Expensemate, such as optimised VAT reclaims and simplified, diligent bookkeeping. 

In this article, we look at the steps you need to take to prepare and import your transaction data into Xero. 

What you need to do before you start

  • Export your transaction data

Learn how to export your Expensemate data here.

Upload your transaction data into your Xero account

  • In Xero, navigate to the Accounting menu and select Bank Accounts. ​​
  • Locate the bank account you want to import the file into, click Manage Account, then click Import a Statement.
  • This will open the transaction import wizard. Click Browse and select the saved bank statement file, then click Open. 
  • To import your data, simply hit Import. ​
  • Here you can assign the columns in your import file to the corresponding bank statement fields in Xero. It is important that the Account Code and Tax Type match the corresponding fields in Xero to ensure the statement lines reconcile automatically.
  • When you are finished, click Save.
  • Check the details in the Import Results dialogue box for any errors, then click OK to finish the import.

Your CSV transactions will now be imported to Xero. Xero confirms how many statement lines are imported and how many are automatically reconciled.

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