How to deal with fraudulent transactions

Learn how to dispute transactions when you see something suspicious on your Expensemate account.
By Harry Rix

Are you concerned that a transaction on your account has been conducted without your authorisation? Read this guide for advice on the next steps.

Check Transactions Regularly

As soon as you identify a transaction that appears fraudulent or to have been made in error, you should call our customer services help line on 0203 409 4432. Please note that if your transaction is older than 120 days after the date of the payment, it will no longer be in scope of dispute.

Complete a Dispute Form

Customer services will be on hand to support you, however you will need to complete a disputed transaction form which will include some of the information about the circumstance around the transaction and its details. We may request further correspondence you have from the merchant if the transaction was made with your knowledge in order to progress any investigation.

The Outcome

Any case of fraud will be investigated and if proven genuine fraud, the funds will be refunded to the account, we will raise a chargeback request with the issuer, who in turn raise with Mastercard, who raise chargeback with the merchant's bank.

Further Details

You may be required to co-operate with Expensemate, the e-money Issuer and the police in any investigations to ensure the appropriate resolution of the issue.

Please refer to Clause 20 of the Expensemate customer terms and conditions and clause 16 of the Expensemate Cardholder terms and conditions for further information.

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