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Adding new users

Learn how to add new users and order new cards in the portal.
By Luke McMullen
Marketing Manager

Creating a new user in Expensemate is a straightforward task that is done from within the portal. The steps involved when ordering cards are slightly different from adding administrative users so, in this article, we explain the different steps you need to take.

Ordering new cards

You can order new cards by clicking the following link and completing a card order form.

New Card Order Form

You can also access this form from the New User section of the portal.


We process and deliver your new cards in no more than eight business days.

Creating new administrator users

You can create new administrators from within the portal. Navigate to Users, and then New. Simply use the form to create your new users.

Learn more about creating new administrators

Support as a new admin

We recommend that all new accountants and admins utilise the various articles found on our Help Centre for a better understanding of how Expensemate works and admin user roles.

If you require any additional training, please reach out to your account administrator who will be more than happy to arrange this for you.

Learn more about being an Expensemate admin

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