A detailed guide to user roles

Learn the details of each user role in the Expensemate system and the permissions they have.
By Harry Rix

As an administrator, you are able to define the permissions of users are part of in the groups section of the management portal. This article provides a detailed explanation of each role, so you are aware of the authorisations and permissions each user type enables. Please note, users can have multiple roles in different groups.

What are the users permissions?

By their nature, users are Cardholders. As a result, they are able to do the following:

  • Only have visibility of their own expenses.
  • Can assign transactions to the groups they are users in.
  • Cannot approve expenses unless they are a manager in another group.

Create new cardholders here.

What are the Managers Permissions?

Managers can be cardholders, or they could simply just be a manager user with no card. If the manager is not a cardholder then please follow the instructions here to create a manager user in the system. As a manager you can:

  • Can only approve their group’s expenses.
  • Only have visibility of their group’s expenses.
  • Cannot approve peer-level expenses.
  • Cannot approve their own expenses.

What are the Administrators Permissions?

Like managers, administrators could also be cardholders. However, there is also a chance that they are not registered in the system. If this is the case, please complete the application to create a new administrative user here. Administrators can:

  • Manage settings in the portal
  • Only have visibility of their group’s expenses
  • Can amend their groups transaction details and mark them as checked
  • Cannot approve transactions

Do these Roles Change if Users are in the Parent Group?

The parent group encompasses everyone in the business, however there are some minor differences in the permissions managers and administrators have if they are users in the parent group:

  • Administrators can see and manage companywide transactions.
  • The manager will approve subgroup managers' expenses.
  • Managers in the parent group can approve other parent group managers expenses.
  • All Users will be able to allocate expenses to the parent group.

Learn how to set up groups.

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