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Getting started
How does Expensemate work?
Would Expensemate work in my business?
How does Expensemate benefit smaller businesses?
How does Expensemate benefit larger organisations?
How much does Expensemate cost?
Using Expensemate
Where can I use the Expensemate Prepaid Mastercard®?
What level of support do I get with Expensemate?
Can Expensemate Cards be used at ATMs?
Do I still need to complete expense reports?
Do I still need to hold onto paper receipts?
Technical Details
How long do receipts stay in the cloud?
Will Expensemate work with my Accounting software?
Is Expensemate a credit card?
How do I apply for credit?
Who can have cards?
What phones are compatible with the app?
Trust & Security
Where is my money held?
Is my data safe with Expensemate?
Are there any additional fees and limits?
Customer Support
What hours can I call Expensemate?
Can I expect to speak to the same person every time I call?
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