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Cutting Allenby’s bookkeeping workload by 85%

Allenby turned to Expensemate to take back control and empower their admin team

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By Harry Rix

An experienced property development company based in the north of England, Allenby Commercial has a track record of delivering high-quality projects throughout Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

Allenby had been facing a multitude of challenges surrounding workplace spending. These included fears over a lack of visibility of credit card and trade account usage, a burdensome paper trail of invoices and receipts, and no way to enable sites to procure last-minute purchases.

Working with Expensemate, Allenby secured credit terms on their account and issued each of their employees an Expensemate card with predefined limits and restrictions.

The immediate impact for site workers was that they no longer had to wait for authorisation for vital purchases or keep hold of their paper receipts. For the finance team, it meant they had real-time visibility of spending, no longer had to manage transactions on behalf of their site-based staff and swapped sifting through hundreds of paper receipts for automated allocation of transactions to job and nominal codes.

We can see which of our staff members are spending money, and where, all in real-time. Employees are responsible for uploading their own receipts, which has saved our accounts team hours in mundane admin.

Andrew Allenby, Managing Director at Allenby Commercial

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Passionate about solving customer problems, Harry Rix is shaping the product development and strategic direction of Expensemate first-hand.

A sixth-generation member of the Rix family, Harry learned his trade at Accenture before applying this knowledge and skills to the family business.

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