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Driving a 90% increase in receipts captured at Airco

Managing the ad hoc expenses of over 100 engineers was becoming a massive challenge for Airco's management and finance team.

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By Harry Rix

With more than 170 employees, Airco is one of the UK’s leading air conditioning and refrigeration services companies. This workforce includes over 100 engineers whose activities range from design through to service and maintenance. As a result, ad hoc purchases, travel, and overnight stays are an important part of operations.

After a detailed investigation, issues such as a lack of oversight of company spending, 50% of receipts not being captured, and inefficient back-office processes were uncovered. Expensemate suggested swapping the use of corporate credit cards, which have no automated process for capturing receipts, with the Expensemate system.

The results of a 2-month trial of the Expensemate connected Mastercard and expense management platform were dramatic; receipt capture increased to 95%, the finance team were able to see transactions as they happened, enabling them to scrutinise spend, and engineers reported time savings from automated expense reports.

Expensemate is now in the process of rolling out company-wide access to the Expensemate system, which could save the business thousands of pounds a month in lost VAT reclaims alone.

We are always looking at ways to automate low-value, time-consuming tasks for our employees. Expensemate was able to achieve this at the same time as increasing the control and oversight that we have over our finances.

Neil Fisher, Managing Director, Airco

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