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How to get your staff to use Expensemate

Learn how to get your staff on board with Expensemate
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By Zoe Bell
Content Executive

You’ve found the platform with the power to change everything. It can eliminate reimbursements, simplify processes, reduce admin, and save you some serious cash. But what if your staff don’t use it?

Fear not, getting your employees onboard with Expensemate is easier than you think.

Expensemate was designed by experts in user experience for your whole team, not just managers. Plus, there are simple and reproducible steps that you can follow to help your staff pick it up.

Keep reading, and you’ll see.

Make a plan

Expensemate is incredibly easy to implement and roll out so getting going won’t take long. It only takes a few hours to get started. But it will take around one month to roll out Expensemate so that your staff use their expense cards.

There are a few things you need to plan out, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle.

  1. Identify employee pain points
  2. List the benefits
  3. Give your staff a heads up
  4. Use Expensemate
  5. Demonstrate the benefits
  6. Set a deadline

Identify employee pain points

Like us all, employees want to be worry free and for things to run smoothly. Understanding what bothers them, and what they want will allow you to tailor your approach to getting them onboard. Talk to employees and put yourself in their shoes.

Staff don’t want to be out of pocket and wait for reimbursement. And they don’t want to store receipts and remember to fill out expense forms on top of all their other work.

Having to dip into their own pockets or begging to use the company credit, can make them feel like you don’t trust them.

And traditional expense management can result in policy misunderstandings and reimbursement disputes. Putting a wedge between them, their managers, and the finance team.

List the benefits

Once you’ve identified what bothers your staff, you can start to map out how Expensemate will benefit your team and do it in a way that resonates with them. Make a list of their issues and note how Expensemate can help.

For example, many workers worry about being out of pocket. Expensemate completely eliminates this problem. They will be able to buy everything they need without fear. Plus, they’ll be far less likely to have a spending dispute with their manager or the finance team because the cards have built-in limits.

Give your staff a heads up

It’s a good idea to give your team a heads up with an email or chat, explaining that the company is changing its expense management system. You should describe what Expensemate is and why the change is happening, noting that using Expensemate will benefit everyone.

Check out our ultimate expense management guide for ideas.

Use Expensemate

If you’re going to ask your staff to use a new system, you’ll need to know how it works. As part of the onboarding process, you’ll receive a demo and some live training. Afterwards, you’ll be supported to order your cards and configure your user accounts.

Once you’re all set up, put Expensemate to the test by making a purchase and registering it in the portal. That way you can support your team to use their cards later.

Expensemate is straightforward to use, so it shouldn’t take you long. But if you get stuck, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team at support@expensemate.io.

Demonstrate the benefits

It’s time to put what you’ve learned into action. Arrange a meeting and clearly explain what Expensemate is and how it will benefit your team. You might want to quote some of the issues they mentioned earlier to demonstrate that you listen.

Then show them what the system looks like and how it works. Remember to detail the process of using the card, photographing the receipt, and registering your expense step-by-step. Perhaps, you can show them one you registered earlier.

Afterwards, hand out the cards and have your staff download the Expensemate app. They can then activate their cards and start using it themselves.

Set a deadline

Setting a deadline will help to motivate everyone to get up to speed with the new system. It also provides a timeline, where you can support workers and address any issues they are having.

Reach out to your team, before the transition deadline so they have an opportunity to voice their concerns and deal with any problems. Remember, we’re more than happy to assist you and your staff so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Next steps

Many businesses, big and small, worry about take-up. Before finding it incredibly easy and wondering what all the fuss was about.

Expensemate is not difficult to use, and uncomplicated processes are easier to pick up. So, providing you put some initial effort into getting your team onboard they will be using it quite quickly. And your company and staff will benefit.

See for yourself and try Expensemate for free with our 30-day trial.

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About the author
Zoe Bell

Zoe has a passion for making difficult subjects engaging and easy to understand. She has written thought-provoking content in a range of industries including payments, expense management, renewables, plastics, entertainment, and more.

Zoe has a passion for making difficult subjects engaging and easy to understand. She has written thought-provoking content in a range of industries including payments, expense management, renewables, plastics, entertainment, and more.

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